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Selling your textbooksUBS is your official place to sell books

Each semester we buy back textbooks to give you extra cash and to provide a larger used book selection for next semester. Book buyback allows you to save more money on textbook costs and provides you with money for books you no longer want.

UNI Bookstore buys year around with the last two weeks of each fall and spring semester and 2-3 days at the conclusion of summer session as the prime time.

Reasons affecting the price offered for your book...
1. Condition of the book.
2. Bookstore is overstocked.
3. Instructor has chosen to use book.
4. National demand for book.
5. New edition has been published.
6. Instructor will not use book or is undecided.

  Watch this fun clip from the Used Textbook Association.


1. Where can I sell my books?  
Throughout the year, we will buy back textbooks. During the last two weeks of each semester, we set up special locations in the lower level at both front and back locations. Please watch for signs upon entering store.
2. Which books will you buy?  
Any textbook, even if bought at another store, is potentially eligible for buyback. Texts coming out in a new edition, cannot be bought back unless the professor has specified the older edition. Study and lab materials, certain texts with software, and custom published materials are generally not eligible for buyback. Texts with missing pages or excessive damage will also not be bought back.
3. How much are my books worth?  
During the last two weeks of the semester, if your textbook has been reordered by a UNI instructor for the upcoming semester and meets the above criteria, you will get up to 50% of the new price regardless of whether you bought the book new or used. This price will be affected, though, by class size. Once we become overstocked for our upcoming semester, the national wholesale price will be offered.
Buy back of texts not reordered by UNI professors will be quoted at a national wholesale company value for your books. Generally, their pricing is 25% or less of the original price of the textbook.
4. Why are books not used locally worth less?  
Texts which are not going to be used on the UNI campus are bought for  national book wholesalers for the national market. The wholesaler ships, warehouses, and markets these books to other stores. We pay students the amount a wholesaler will pay us for these books.